StoneyApp: The Amazon of Weed

The phenomenon of ubiquitous smartphone usage in the 2010s has changed the way we do things, for good. Efficiency, expedience and quality are three main points of consideration. In large cities now, most everything can be done through an app for maximum convenience.  Uber Eats, GrubHub and of course Postmates are just a few big names in the landscape of on-demand delivery. Technology is changing how people get what they want. And with the advancements in technology, we get StoneyApp: the Amazon of weed. That’s right. There’s now a delivery app for cannabis.

A Ganja Gamechanger

StoneyApp: The Amazon of Weed


Since California’s Proposition 64 passed in 2016, many eyes have been on the emerging legal marijuana market. After seeing booms in economic activity for states arriving early in the game, such as Washington and Colorado, the industry has been blossoming in the Golden State. But being a licensed dispensary isn’t enough to stand out anymore. It is becoming clear that those who innovate will carve out a niche moving forward.

And there are new players in town.

Recent staples of the industry, such as Leafly and Weedmaps, prove to be great for finding local dispensaries. These location-centered apps are being used in the same sense that just about everybody uses Yelp. But where is the solution for real-time on-demand delivery?

Enter StoneyApp: the Amazon of weed.

The Delivery App You Know You Need

StoneyApp: The Amazon of Weed


Unlike other delivery services that feel more like a drug deal than a delivery from Postmates, this sleek, well-priced site boasts near 5 star-ratings on Leafly and Google.

The website’s homepage is modern and eye-catching, with featured new products, information about referral programs, and an easy-to-access menu. A friendly chatbox in the right corner offers real-time answers on any questions you might have.

StoneyApp delivers to the entire state of California. All orders over $50 equate to free delivery, but the big thing about StoneyApp is expediency. The website promises—and delivers on—overnight shipping.

Placing an order couldn’t be easier, as StoneyApp is pretty much like any e-commerce experience. After browsing, just add to your cart and complete the order. With real-time delivery tracking, you can know the details of your order while it’s en route.

Additionally, a map of StoneyApp is shown on Leafly. But fair warning: you might find yourself getting lost in the website’s enticing and extensive menu.

Final Hit: StoneyApp: The Amazon of Weed

StoneyApp: The Amazon of Weed


Marijuana connoisseurs and newbies alike can appreciate StoneyApp. The menu offers different categories, from vapes to CBD and from concentrates to your classic joint. Edibles, pre-rolls, accessories, and more are also available for purchase.

Each product offers a concise and helpful description and a place for customer reviews, many of which boast five stars.

For those just looking for some bud, StoneyApp offers top-shelf Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends, conveniently separated by category. Each strain includes a description, including expected high, details about taste and aroma, as well as the source of vendors.

To ensure safety and the highest quality, the only offered products are those that have been lab-tested. Additionally, everything is free of pesticides.

If you haven’t heard of StoneyApp, you will soon. You can even check out the 40 billboards spread across the OC.

Get ready to experience convenience and quality in your legal marijuana experience like never before.