Q+A: Orange Insurance & Bonding

Who is Orange Insurance & Bonding?

Orange Insurance & Bonding is a small business specialized broker, based in Seattle and licensed in 14 states (WA, OR, ID, CA, UT, AK, MI, OH, FL, SC, VA, NM, AZ & TX). We concentrate on cannabusiness.

How long have you been in business?

We started out specializing in contractors, artisans and the trades almost 10 years ago. Then as states started legalizing we moved more and more into the marijuana side of the industry.

What is most important to your company?

There are 2 things that we feel are of the utmost importance when working with clients. First, we find our clients the best rates and the best coverage for those rates. Second, to be available almost 24/7 answering questions for our clients. 

What makes your business different from your competitors?

Most of the other brokerages shut down the office at 5pm and open up again the next day at 9am. We all work remotely, so if something comes in at 10pm we’re going to be able to jump on it faster than anyone else. All of our clients, cannabis or contractors, will attest to our speed and turn around during communication. 

Where can people find your business?

We are on most every social media platform that makes sense; Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, YouTube, and you can find us directly below at our website, where we answer questions and have our quote form. We can do quick estimates in minutes. Full quotes can take a few days because we shop to multiple carriers to try to find the best that’s out there.